Reimagining Julia

Hi everyone!

As a follow up to our previous remix released a while back, we have a new mix to debut to you today: the “Freelance” remix of Goodnight Julia. Have a listen:

The title is a nod towards the stellar Cowboy Bebop remix album “Music for Freelance”. Shortly after completing the Canta Per Me remix, I wanted to re-imagine another one of our favorite and well-received pieces, but this time make it more of a collaborative effort.

I wanted to swap out the saxophone for a jazz guitar (with no offense intended for Dan Heflin, our fantastic saxophonist who plays both the live and studio versions of Goodnight Julia) to bring a different but equally expressive sound to the piece as well as lock the melody to a solid tempo that would stay consistent throughout. I came up with a demo idea based on the piano studio tracks and my own guitar recording; I quickly realized that the piano take from the studio version could not be properly re-edited to fit with the new tempo (sorry, Gary!), and that I am not that great of a guitar player (heh).

Enter Chris on piano and Yasean on guitar. I showed both of them my idea for the remix and they were both onboard to record new parts for it. Given our busy schedules, it was difficult to get all three of us together at the same time; I decided to try my hand at remotely producing the track by sending out a ‘backing track’ that I had finished to each of them to independently record their parts over. Chris never listened to Yasean’s performance during recording, and Yasean never heard Chris’s performance. As you can hear from the finished product, the results turned out fantastic.

This Goodnight Julia remix is available as a FREE download on our Bandcamp page. I’m currently working on more Hideo-related audio that we’re not quite ready to share yet; you’ll be hearing more about this little project soon. Enjoy!

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