MORE Free Sheet Music – Kefka’s Theme from FFVI for 4 Hands

I LOVE Final Fantasy VI. I must in all honesty shamefully admit that I have never beaten the entire game (I’ve only made it halfway through), but it still remains my favorite FF game to this day and actually finishing the game is definitely on my to-do list. So I’m pretty excited about OverClocked ReMix’s Kickstarter project to put together a FOUR (4!) disc album of music from FFVI. It’ll be awesome! And it reminded me of a piece Chris transcribed and arranged back when we were in collage that I think y’all might enjoy. 😉

In keeping with the FFVI theme, here’s the sheet music for a piano arrangement of the Grand Finale version of Kefka’s Theme for FOUR (4!) hands (two pianists on one piano):

Kefka for Four Hands PDF

Unfortunately, we don’t have any video we can legally post for you guys, so here’s a render (computer-generated playback) of the above sheet music you can listen to:

Kefka for Four Hands MP3

We’ve posted quite a few music sheets over the last year (including these Mega Man piano arrangements last July), and—as we will continue to do so—I think it’s time for a dedicated “sheet music” area of the website! It’s a bit bare-bones right now, but feel free to check out the new Sheet Music page here.

P.S. We have less than 24 hours left to raise the remaining $6500 needed for our Kickstarter project! We need your help to get back into the studio to record our next album; we even need your help to choose which songs we record, so tell us what you want to hear on our project page at

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