Great Rewards for Your Support = ?

Last month, I posted about plans for a live EP based on audio recorded from our 2011 show in San Luis Obispo. But we’ve also been thinking about doing another studio recorded EP that would feature more of our favorites from Cowboy Bebop and perhaps our (just debuted at AOD 2012) Super Mario Bros. arrangement.

For our first (studio recorded) EP, we managed to pay all production costs ourselves by sticking to pieces that didn’t involve a ton of different instruments, which in turn allowed us to record everything in a single weekend. But the pieces we want to record this time around will require about double the number of musicians – and that means doubling (or even tripling!) our time in the studio. More people + more time = more money. @_@

So this time, we’d like to try using a crowd funding website such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to raise the funds we’d need to produce our next studio EP – and offer some unique perks to supporters, of course! And here’s where I come to the point of today’s post: what kinds of rewards would you, as a potential supporter, like to see? One-of-a-kind artwork, piano sheet music of original Hideo arrangements, or music lessons from a Hideo musician, perhaps? Maybe a private Hideo show for you and a few friends?

As you can see, we’ve brainstormed a few backer reward ideas, but I want to know what YOU think! So, folks, lay it on me: what rewards would you like to see for your help producing our next studio EP?


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    A private Hideo show would be nice, but that sounds expensive. Perhaps a bonus track to everyone who pre-orders?

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    Bebe says:

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