2012: Hittin’ the Ground Running

Happy New Year! What will you be doing in 2012? We’ve got several things lined up for Hideo and we’re kicking them off by flying to DC tomorrow for MAGFest X and a (potential) meet-and-greet with Nobuo Uematsu!

MAGFest is a 4-day convention all about music and video games. Shota Nakama, creator and artistic director of Video Game Orchestra (VGO), invited us to attend after seeing the 11/5 show in SLO (he LOVED it!). We won’t be doing a performance, sadly (just selling some goods in the Marketplace and doing some piano and sax duets of various video game pieces), but that’s not what this trip is really about. Nobuo Uematsu will be in attendance with Shota as his translator, so if schedules and whatnot work out, I’ll get to meet the video game music master himself in a matter of days! Keep your fingers crossed!! ^_^

So that’s the top of the year. But what else is on the schedule? Here’s the rundown:

  • We return for our second year at AOD 2012 Sun, Feb 19, to do an all-new Overture performance.
  • The fabulous Christine Liao and Jessica Fong are working steadily on part one of Hideo: Blackwell, the first of a series of three graphic novels that will fill in the details of what really happened in Blackwell, known to those who have seen the show as the place where Hideo, Satoshi, and Reina meet for the first time. Tentative release date: May.
  • You’ll find us in the Dealer’s Hall at FanimeCon May 25-28 selling Hideo goods and putting on dance performances with cute plushies to the Sailor Moon theme song. We may also reprise our opening of Cosplay Spectacular with another Overture performance, but that is still TBD.
  • Did our first album leave you wanting more? We’ll be returning to the studio the second half of the year to record favorites like Theme of ROD, You Were There from ICO, Gravity from Wolf’s Rain, Blue from Cowboy Bebop, and our medley of Mega Man villain themes, among others.

With this busy load and a tight budget, a full-scale show is looking very tentative for this year. But one may still happen. Let me get back to you in a month or so. 😉

What would you like to see Hideo do in 2012? Have any song requests for our next album? Leave a comment and let us know!

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