Winter Is Coming

It’s been a busy summer! With teaching piano lessons, taking on conducting roles, performing in a summer musical, and going to a vocal music convention, “summer break” seems to equate to “more work”. One thing that I finally get to start is ASOIAF: Game of Thrones. After watching the HBO series, I picked up the book from a friend and have started. Granted, it’s been tough (all I want to do is read the Arya and Jon scenes rather than start at the top, sigh) but I’ve managed to go from the top and am about a fourth of the way through.

The musical score for the show is really great. Ramin Djawadi has apparently done a whole lot of other TV and movie scores (I’ve never heard of the guy), and this one is right up there. With it being so crazy (I’m off to that aforementioned convention), I wanted to give you a few of my favorites. And even if you haven’t seen the show or listened to the OST, it’s some really great music!

1) The Pointy End: My favorite of the OST. It uses the opening’s instrumentation and theme and works it into a very fun number. Plus, I do love Arya!

Opening Theme and Alterations:
2) Main Title (the original): It fits the show and the characters so well! Really awesome instrumentation that really makes me get the feelings of Westeros (it mostly feels like Winterfell, I’d say).

3) Main Title (8-bit remix): As I know quite a few developers who write games and music in the 8-bit style, I have to say this is a great version!

4) Main Title (Jason Yang’s violin adaptation): Sent to me by a friend. It’s weird to hear it being played on a violin, with all the sounds of the string orchestra. Ah, technology!


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