Crunch Time Behind the Scenes

At 3 months out, I know we’ve hit crunch time. Why? Because here’s what my weekend looked like:


  • 3 hours of acting rehearsal
  • Review the final concept art for the projections
  • Design and layout pages for the graphic novel based on the now-finished novel script
  • Draft show rehearsal schedule and set up a Doodle to gauge scheduling conflicts
  • Prep for trip to SLO Sat


  • 8am – leave for SLO
  • Interview potential musician at 10:30am (yes, during the drive)
  • Meet friend and another potential musician upon arriving in SLO at 11am
  • Grab a quick, cheap, and delicious lunch at Franks
  • Audition more potential musicians from 12:45-2:30pm
  • Meet with Hideo actor for a costume fitting at 3pm
  • 4pm – head back to San Jose and grab dinner
  • 9pm – attend showing of the new Trigun movie, Badlands Rumble (yes!)


  • Draft and send contracts for new musicians
  • Outline the plan of attack for projections
  • Draft storyboards for each projection sequence
  • Play Arkham Horror (not as fun as I thought the board game might be :-P)

And during any non-scheduled downtime, you can find me furiously composing and sending masses of emails to any number of the people I need to follow up with: printers, artists, musicians, tech staff, Cal Poly professors, etc. Indeed – it is crunch time. @[email protected]

So what does that mean for you? Well, it means that there’s a ton of new Hideo stuff happening behind-the-scenes every day! And, as promised, here’s a look at what we’ve been working on.

As I mentioned before, we’ve welcomed 3 new artists to the team. Dan is busy working on the projections and just finished up these colored character concepts (the original sketches are on the characters page):

Our 3 main characters Hideo, Satoshi, and Reina now in color!

as well as these world concepts:

Meanwhile, Christine and Jessica have been working on all-new poster designs:

I’m so excited – everything looks fantastic! But then again, I’m biased… what do you guys think??


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    Jonathan Hau says:

    Haven’t been to Franks in a long, long time. Good stuff.

    The Trigun movie is pretty good! Good to see Vash again 😀

    I really like Arkham Horror mainly because every game that you play is different (different characters, different scenarios, different ancient monsters). The only downside is that it takes a long time to play ;p Still, you should give it another chance!

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    Blair says:

    I like Arkham Horror also, I just have a really hard time with all the logistical/upkeep stuff that happens each round. Chris has gone online and printed out stuff that helps streamline the process, but it still takes forever. We were playing with 4 people total, so after I finished my turn I would literally bust out the computer and work through several items on my to-do list before I had to pay attention again. 😛

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