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Broken Home – World Synthesis Part 1

Hideo, Satoshi, Reina, Rebecca… these characters are nothing without a world to live in.  Creating a world is never easy.  It is an ongoing process that will continue for us as […]

The Selfless Bartender – Character Synthesis Part 2

Let’s talk about Rebecca. Hideo was always to take place in a bar, so you’d think the bartender at The Shiny Mug would have been the first character we fleshed […]

The Bald Mercenary – Character Synthesis Part 1

Batman has Robin.  Kirk has Spock.  Darkwing Duck has Launchpad McQuack.  Sure, there are plenty of loner heroes out there, but most classic heroes have some kind of close friend […]

Dos Preguntas

Hey. Schyler here. I’m the guy who wrote the show. I have an English degree from CSUS and have been writing as long as I can remember. Working on Hideo […]