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Going to Japan Expo 2014? So are we!

Yup, we’ll be at Japan Expo 2014 in San Mateo, CA this weekend, August 22-24, providing live anime and video game music for your listening pleasure while you peruse the […]

Announcing Hideo’s First Show of 2013 – 2/16 @ AOD in SF!

That’s right, folks, it’s announcement time: our FIRST PERFORMANCE of 2013 will be 2pm Saturday, Feb 16 at Animation on Display (AOD) in San Francisco! This will be our third […]

MORE Free Sheet Music – Kefka’s Theme from FFVI for 4 Hands

I LOVE Final Fantasy VI. I must in all honesty shamefully admit that I have never beaten the entire game (I’ve only made it halfway through), but it still remains […]

Saving $ for Strippers

It is pretty easy to feel screwed over by the video game industry. Maybe you just threw down $50 on a PlayStation game, only for it to become a “greatest hit” a […]

The Return of the Original Sim (a.k.a. What Stephen’s Been Doing Outside Hideo)

In early December, I landed a QA (Quality Assurance) position with EA Maxis out in Emeryville, CA. The project? Sworn to secrecy at the time, I was informed that it […]