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Coming Soon: Our Next EP!

In my last post, I gave you the rundown of our 2012 plans: conventions, the graphic novel, another studio EP. Today, I’d like to add a new one to the […]

First Person Shooter

Gear! If you’ve ever read any of my other posts, you have probably realized that I am a man who loves talking gear. One of my more hardcore gadget-based obsessions […]

Real Composers Do It 8-Bit

I came across a pair of interesting game music articles on joystiq over this past week by Jesse Gregory: “Game Music: Enhancement Through Limitation” and “What? Game Music is Evolving!” […]


Long before we had all this “hella cray cray” 3D gaming, we had what I grew up on as a young lad. It wasn’t fancy, and it wasn’t without it’s […]

Gearing up for SLO

The SLO show is almost exactly a month away now. Crap. To be honest I haven’t really been as focused on timing so much as I have been on my […]