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Saving $ for Strippers

It is pretty easy to feel screwed over by the video game industry. Maybe you just threw down $50 on a PlayStation game, only for it to become a “greatest hit” a […]

Great Rewards for Your Support = ?

Last month, I posted about plans for a live EP based on audio recorded from our 2011 show in San Luis Obispo. But we’ve also been thinking about doing another […]

Air Man in Noteflight

In my last post, I talked about my plan to transcribe and arrange (more) music from the Mega Man video game series. Well, I finally got started last night! I […]

I Can Haz Heavy Metal Cheezburger?

The words “Hello Kitty” and “heavy metal” don’t really get paired together all that often. Hello Kitty is a sweet, innocent, little feline adored by children (and adults) everywhere. Target audience: your […]

Breaking New Ground

  A while back I wrote about the concept of a Hideo app, one where users could have a central place to check out latest news, videos, music highlights, and […]