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Why is Mario So Sad?

I recently created and recorded an arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. iconic main theme but with a twist–I changed it to be in a minor key! I personally am […]

YouTube Music Videos + Sheet Music = Every 2 Weeks!

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been publishing a few more YouTube videos lately. And sheet music, for that matter. Why? Because it’s what YOU asked for. 😉 One of the […]

FREE Sheet Music for Pleasure Quarter from Gravity Rush

Well folks, we’re down to 3 days and still need $7k to make our Kickstarter project (to record a full-length album of anime and video game music) a reality. So […]

More Mega Man Music

My favorite piece to transcribe and play for Hideo was the Mega Man Medley. So, I thought I’d transcribe a couple more from this awesome game series and share the […]

Transcribing Kanno

So, last weekend was a good weekend for progress on the latest Hideo arrangements. I spent about 10 hours on three of our four new pieces, two of which are […]