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Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

If you caught the YouTube announcement last month, then you already know why things have been a bit quiet around here: Chris and I finally got married! I say finally […]

The Prodigal Enforcer

In my previous post, I introduced Colonel Tiernan, the main villain of our upcoming graphic novel and asked people to vote on which new character I should talk about next. […]

Hideo Graphic-Novel Style (Preview Included!)

We are now just a little more than a month away from FanimeCon 2012, and than means just FOUR WEEKS until showtime at the Montgomery Theater! *poke poke* Did you […]

The Exiled Patriot

One of the most exciting things about working on Blackwell has been creating new and interesting characters to populate Hideo’s world.   For my next few blogs, I’ll be introducing these […]

Program Goes to Print with only 19 Days till Show Time!

At roughly 2.5 weeks out, it’s time to send the program to print. You know, the little booklet thing with cast and crew bios, thank yous, etc. that the ushers […]