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The Prodigal Enforcer

In my previous post, I introduced Colonel Tiernan, the main villain of our upcoming graphic novel and asked people to vote on which new character I should talk about next. […]

See Hideo Art at Books Inc. in Berkeley!

Do you like art? Do you like art from Hideo? If so, be sure to stop by the Books Inc. in Berkeley starting tomorrow through the end of the month […]

The Exiled Patriot

One of the most exciting things about working on Blackwell has been creating new and interesting characters to populate Hideo’s world.   For my next few blogs, I’ll be introducing these […]

Stage Memories

If you caught Hideo: Overture at Fanime this year, then you saw Hannah Ward performing as Rebecca and me performing as the Boss.  This wasn’t the first time Hannah and I shared […]

Crunch Time Behind the Scenes

At 3 months out, I know we’ve hit crunch time. Why? Because here’s what my weekend looked like: Friday 3 hours of acting rehearsal Review the final concept art for […]