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Air Man in Noteflight

In my last post, I talked about my plan to transcribe and arrange (more) music from the Mega Man video game series. Well, I finally got started last night! I […]

Real Composers Do It 8-Bit

I came across a pair of interesting game music articles on joystiq over this past week by Jesse Gregory: “Game Music: Enhancement Through Limitation” and “What? Game Music is Evolving!” […]

“I love the Power Glove, it’s so bad…”

On a recent trip up to Lake Tahoe, my friend plugged in his iPod to the car deck and said, “Hey man, I found this band you might like… they […]

The London Philharmonic Orchestra Gets It

Last Friday, a wonderful thing happened in a time zone far, far away (from me). The London Philharmonic Orchestra just put on a concert of music from video games! I […]

More Mega Man Music

My favorite piece to transcribe and play for Hideo was the Mega Man Medley. So, I thought I’d transcribe a couple more from this awesome game series and share the […]