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Calling All Sniper Pandas

I was recently “introduced” to The Brilliant Green. I put introduced in quotes because I’ve known about the band’s existence since high school, but never heard any of their music. […]

Hideo at FanimeCon Sunday, May 29!

Happy Monday! How can a Monday be happy, you ask? Because it is on this fine Monday I can finally announce Hideo‘s next convention event, an event I’ve been negotiating […]

Shephard, Lara, and Lightning

Let it be known that I have begun plugging away at Fullmetal Alchemist, but I’d like to wait until I’ve completed the first “season” (box one of three) to begin […]

Dreams on Parade

Originally, the body of this review of Paprika was simply going to be “WTF?” but it turns out I need to write something a bit more substantial. Beware minor spoilers […]

Creating the Characters of Hideo

Kathy again, here to talk about my experiences conceiving, designing, and illustrating the world of Hideo. My previous post discussed the development of the “world” and I think the next […]