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Real Composers Do It 8-Bit

I came across a pair of interesting game music articles on joystiq over this past week by Jesse Gregory: “Game Music: Enhancement Through Limitation” and “What? Game Music is Evolving!” […]

Canta Per Remixed

Ever since we hit the studio to cut our debut EP, I’ve had an idea that’s stewed quite some time in my head. After waiting around to get the original session tracks from the studio, the idea turned into a secret project that certain Hideo members weren’t even aware of until a few weeks ago. Today, I’d like to share this little secret with you all.

Winter Is Coming

It’s been a busy summer! With teaching piano lessons, taking on conducting roles, performing in a summer musical, and going to a vocal music convention, “summer break” seems to equate […]


Most people dream of meeting a member of their favorite band, or a sports legend, or… Neil Patrick Harris. If you’re a 12 year old girl, maybe it’s Justin Bieber; […]

Classical Music in Video Games

Classical music has been borrowed for use in many modern contexts, and video games definitely aren’t left out! From a new arrangement of an existing classical work for the NES […]