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In a world not so different from ours…


War. A powerful nation called Meridian went to war with three small countries to the west in a bid for control of their coastline. Despite years of in-fighting, the three countries united against their common threat. Calling themselves “the Outlands,” they pushed back against their attackers.


Attrition. For years, casualties mounted and borders shifted, but neither side could gain the upper hand. Slowly, the war took its toll on Meridian, particularly on those nearest the front lines in the west; many who lost work turned to crime to survive. The Outlands capitalized on the unrest by hiring outlaws to stage attacks behind enemy lines. The strain on Meridian’s army and economy was felt by every citizen.


Lawlessness. In response to the growing outlaw threat, Meridian’s government established the Enforcer Corps (EC). Elite fighters trained to restore order, the first Enforcers were nevertheless outnumbered and outgunned by the marauders they faced. Cities and provinces which had once been beacons of hope and prosperity were decimated despite the Enforcers’ best efforts.


Renewal. After decades of bloodshed, the Outlands and Meridian signed an armistice, renewing hope in the west and allowing countless soldiers to return home. With its economy decimated, the means to manufacture advanced weaponry and ammunition is virtually gone from Meridian. Few such weapons remain there. Enforcers struggle to keep the peace, but outlaws continue to plague every province in the West.


From the full-scale show:



“I’m not resting until I see him off.”

Hideo was the youngest person in history to earn a commission with the Enforcer Corps. In their time as partners, Hideo and his best friend Elric tracked criminals with a fervor admired by their peers. When Elric and his family were murdered as a result of their investigations, Hideo went AWOL, vowing to bring those responsible to justice. Standing Enforcer orders are to arrest Hideo on sight.



“I never expected to shut my eyes and wake up in paradise.”

Reina was already a skilled healer when she left her home in the Outlands behind and journeyed to Blackwell, a city legendary for its wealth and beauty. She planned to study under Master Healer Keiko of the Light School. When Blackwell came under attack by outlaws, Reina put her skills to use, healing militia and coordinating civilian defenses. Brave and beautiful, she defends her adoptive home with an unbreakable spirit.


The Blood Lieutenants

“They never said a word.”

All six Moorstone brothers enlisted to fight for Meridian during the Outlands War. Over the years, their victories earned each of them the rank of Lieutenant. But when two of the brothers were betrayed by General Dunham and left to die, the remaining four murdered the dishonorable general and deserted the army to become mercenaries. The general’s body was found with the words “blood is strength” carved in his chest. Since then, the bodies of twelve Meridian government officials have been found bearing identical wounds.



“Don’t start fights you can’t finish.”

Little is known of Satoshi’s past. Long ago, he fought in the Outlands War, serving on General Han’s elite OMNI team. After leaving the army, Satoshi became a mercenary with a reputation for dedication and decisive action. Satoshi is a man of few words, earning the nickname “the silent storm” by the few who have faced him in battle and lived. Aging but not yet weary, Satoshi is destined to stand at Hideo’s side.



“Let me help.”

After Rebecca’s merchant father was murdered, her older brother spent more and more time at the local tavern. Concerned, their mother made him take young Rebecca along, knowing responsibility for his sister would help keep him out of trouble. Rebecca came to love the atmosphere of the tavern. Countless travelers’ stories of life on the road captivated her the way her father’s stories once had. The tavern became Rebecca’s home away from home and she decided to learn the trade from the barkeep there.


The Kaiden

“What is death against the power of the Gods?”

Few still openly worship the Old Gods, but one small group of extremists, the Kaiden, possesses a faith that remains unshaken. The Kaiden believe the Old Gods must still be served through not only prayer, but sacrifice. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward from the gods. Many have died on their altar.

From the convention series (Overture, Counterpoint) of shows:



“Easy, son. You’re disturbing my peace.”

Karnes was recruited to be an Enforcer after a strong career as a captain in Meridian’s southern army. The transition from simple soldier to lawman responsible for hundreds of lives has been difficult. Karnes is a patient man, but being entrusted to safeguard an entire province without any real help or firepower weighs heavy on his mind.


The Boss

“She might as well still be naked on the floor. At least then the customers would get a show. Right? Am I right?”

Rebecca’s uncle is the founder and owner of The Shiny Mug. Rebecca has fond memories of him—all from before the night he lost his eye. It was the same night he came up with the idea for a tavern that would put as much importance on music as it would on drink. Since that night, the Boss has become overbearing, rude, and has developed a tendency to raise his voice. He is a micromanager who thinks he’s always in the right. He’s sarcastic. Unsympathetic. Yet somehow, despite his skewed perspective on things and his unorthodox thinking, his tavern is thriving.



“I don’t really have a line of work. Just… odd jobs. Whatever pays the bills.”

Mari took a job as a bouncer at The Shiny Mug to be closer to her lawman brother—at least, closer to where she thinks he is. Because of Mari’s criminal activity in her home province, he was forced to go undercover. Believing him to be in imminent danger, Mari followed him westward and is doing everything she can to find and warn him. But with Rebecca’s mysterious absence from The Shiny Mug, Mari has been forced to take over as full-time bartender, leaving little time for her search.



“Gods, I missed how sweet you smell. Come on, give old J a hug.”

A former associate of Mari’s, Jeremiah came out west with a few friends hoping to take advantage of lax law enforcement. Never one to pass up a chance for coin, Jeremiah is as cruel and ruthless as he is unstable and creepy.

From the comic:



“Is it weird that I’d rather kick somebody’s ass than change a diaper? ‘Cause I honestly don’t think it is.”

On his first mission with the OMNI team, Rico was captured and sent to an Outlands prison camp for the remainder of the war. Afterwards, Rico left the military and started a family, but it wasn’t long before he became restless and decided to find work as a mercenary. On the day he left home, Rico’s daughters gifted him a shotgun and a hundred homemade shells, making him promise to return when the shells were spent. He avoids using the shotgun whenever possible.



“Exile is no better than a death sentence.”

Colonel Tiernan spent his time in the war as a chemist in Outlands Special Forces. Unbeknownst to his government, Tiernan engaged in brutal experiments on prisoners of war to develop chemical weapons. Following the war, Tiernan was extradited and found guilty of war crimes in the Armistice Tribunal, but he escaped captivity before his sentence could be carried out. He went into business for himself, using his old military connections to smuggle weapons from the Outlands.



“We’re sure as hell not backing down now.”

Paige had been defending Blackwell from Outlaw attacks for months when she was suddenly ordered to leave for a post far to the east. Refusing to abandon Blackwell in its hour of need, Paige was dishonorably discharged from the Enforcer Corps for insubordination. Her friend and mentor Yori, the ranking Enforcer in Blackwell, filed an official protest with the EC to no avail. It wasn’t until Paige’s bold capture of the Enforcer-turned-terrorist Dorian that the EC truly realized her value as an ally and reinstated her-on the condition she retrain under Yori.



“These men must learn that their actions have consequences. I plan to teach them myself.”

In her years with OMNI, Natalie bore witness to the results of Colonel Tiernan’s experiments several times. Her testimony in the Armistice Tribunal led to Tiernan’s guilty verdict. After Tiernan escaped captivity, he kidnapped Natalie and tortured her, disfiguring her face to match his own. Eventually, he released her, but not before promising to kill her family. Natalie returned to Blackwell and the care of Reina and Keiko, but Natalie’s family was forced to leave the city for their own safety.

Artwork on this page by Dan Howard, Jessica Fong, Christine Liao, and Kathleen Kowal.

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