Going to Japan Expo 2014? So are we!

Yup, we’ll be at Japan Expo 2014 in San Mateo, CA this weekend, August 22-24, providing live anime and video game music for your listening pleasure while you peruse the Exhibit Hall and buy cool things! Chris and Jerry (the pianist and saxophonist in the majority of our YouTube videos) will be playing many of the arrangements we’ve produced for our YouTube channel as well as taking requests from the stack of video game/anime sheet music books we’ve collected over the years at booth D60 (the green square in the top-right corner of the Exhibit Hall on this map). And we’ll also be on the Cultural Stage for a 30-minute performance both Friday (starting at 8:15pm) and Saturday (starting at 7:15pm) nights!

This is only the con’s second year in the U.S., but the event is HUGE in Europe; they celebrated their 15th anniversary in July! So if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend, be sure to check it (and us!) out! More info, ticket prices, and all that jazz at www.japan-expo.org. Cya there!


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    curitiba says:

    Bom forma de descrevendo , e fastidioso artigo para obter dados relativa minha apresentação
    assunto , que vou transmitir em universidade .

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