New Video: Go Dark as Performed Live at AOD 2014

After six video game pieces, we decided it was about time for an anime tune in our Live at AOD 2014 series: “Go Dark” from Darker Than Black, to be specific, featuring an epic–and I mean EPIC–saxophone solo by Dan Heflin. You’ll definitely want to download this one from our Bandcamp page (for FREE)!

If you like it, please consider donating a buck or two when you download the audio to help us cover licensing and other production costs (yup, even “free” tracks need licensing!). Thanks!


Go Dark from Darker Than Black
Music by Yoko Kanno
Transcribed & Arranged by Christopher Pasillas

Guitar — Pedro Velasco & Adam Kalachman
Sax — Dan Heflin & Jerome Holmes
Organ — Christopher Pasillas
Cello — Matthew Class
Bass — Paul Smith-Stewart
Drums — Taylor Rankin

Audio — Joe Kaplan, Stephen Escobedo, & Bill Rudolph
Cameras — Oscar Cwajbaum & Blair Baker
Editing — Blair Baker

Many thanks to Oscar Cwajbaum & Joe Kaplan for their help recording the show! Find more of Oscar’s camera work here.

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