PAX 2013 EP Giveaway!

Hello Hideo Fans and 2013 PAX-goers!

We’re so close to the start of PAX Prime 2013 and Team Hideo is pretty excited about our upcoming performance! So much so that we’re giving away our EPs to you, the attendees! We’ve decided to have a little fun with our giveaway in the form of a contest taking place over PAX weekend… read below for the details!

We’ve had a lot of people shoot photos of our shows as we perform, and we love it. Concertgoers are encouraged to take photos of our performances (just with the flash off, so we can still see what we’re doing and not be consistently blinded!), so we’re looking for fan photos of our show over PAX weekend! Specifically, we’re looking for photos in the following THREE categories, which you can to submit to:

  • Best Action Shot (#HideoAction) – Our show has its fair share of action: capture a fierce battle or heated confrontation!
  • Best Dramatic Shot (#HideoDrama) – The people of Hideo emotively deliver an epic tale: snap a photo of our actors delivering their best lines or musicians engrained in the music!
  • Best “Hideo” Shot (#HideoShow) – A bit of a catch-all category: our show has many, many photographic moments. Shoot the stage setup with the full cast, a funny moment, or whatever you deem awesome!

What we need you, the audience, to do is break out your smartphone/DSLR/tablet/Personal Media Device/awesome photo thingy and shoot to your heart’s content! Feel free to crop, throw on a filter, and polish it up if you want. When you’re ready, follow us on your social media service of choice: Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ (or all three!).

  • Tweeps: tweet at us (@hideoconcert) with your photo along with the respective category hashtag.
  • Facebookers and G-plusers – Team Hideo will make a post on each social media site dedicated to the contest before the show begins. Reply to this post with a link to your photo (either on the respective social media service or a photo hosting service like Imgur) and the respective category hashtag).
  • E-Mail – If you’re not on any social media service, or those services break down because everyone is sharing everything at PAX, we’re here for you. Email us your entry at photocontest @ with the email title ‘PAX Contest’ and include the hashtag of choice for your submission.

Can’t make it to the show? PAX will be LIVESTREAMING the 2013 Music Showcase online, and we don’t want viewers at home to feel left out of our contest. Screencap scenes and moments to your heart’s content and send us your entries!

You’re welcome to submit multiple photos; please make a separate post/tweet for each entry to avoid any confusion. We’ll accept entries from when the show begins (8:30 PM PST on Saturday, August 31st) and close the floor Monday, September 2nd at 12 PM PST. This gives you extra time to pick out shots from all the photos you’ll be taking over PAX weekend and polish up if need be!

Team Hideo will review all the entries beginning September 2nd and select winners by the end of Tuesday, September 3rd. Category winners will receive digital copies of our two EPs (An Evening at The Shiny Mug and Songs From The Shiny Mug), and runners up for each category will receive a digital copy of Songs From The Shiny Mug. Winners and runners up will be showcased and credited in an exclusive PAX contest photo album on our Flickr, Facebook, and Google+ profiles.

We’re really excited to see what the fans are able to capture and share with us, and we’re really excited to be bringing Hideo to Seattle for the first time. Thanks for being a part of our experience and we’ll see you at PAX!


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