New Video: The Sailor Moon Theme (“Moonlight Densetsu”)

Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!

Sailor Moon was one of my very first anime series, discovered quite by accident while being home sick one day in, oh, fourth or fifth grade (it aired about 30 minutes before I was usually home from school). I had no idea what anime was, of course, but boy was I hooked! I began setting the VCR (wow, that sounds really old) to record episodes and so began my love of anime.


Sailor Moon Theme (“Moonlight Densetsu”) Variations
Music by Tetsuya Komoro
Transcribed & Arranged by Christopher Pasillas
Baritone Sax — Jerome Holmes
Piano — Christopher Pasillas
Violin — Xander Abbe

Cameras & Editing — Blair Baker

And here’s the sheet music.

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