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Now Husband and Wife

If you caught the YouTube announcement last month, then you already know why things have been a bit quiet around here: Chris and I finally got married! I say finally because we’ve been engaged since starting Hideo in 2010 and have been together since long before even then (we started dating in 2005 while still in college). So the last few months have been very busy: first we premiered the all-new Hideo: Counterpoint at AOD 2013, then we got married by replacing a traditional wedding ceremony with a two-piano recital, then we went to Italy and ate pizza and explored ancient ruins for two weeks for our honeymoon…

But we’re home now and getting back to our regularly scheduled programming. YouTube videos will resume their every-other-week schedule starting next Friday (3/22) with something from *spoiler alert!* Mega Man 3. I know, I know, we’ve done something from Mega Man for the last two videos, BUT the amazing Dan Howard (the artist behind our projections) has some of his work on display as part of the Mega Man Boss Battle art show at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, so we want to squeeze in one more Mega Man piece before the show closes at the end of March. For more info on the show, you can check out this short video on GameSpot.

I’ll conclude this post with a few pics from all of the aforementioned events the last couple of months for your viewing pleasure (more pics from AOD 2013 will be on our Facebook and Flickr pages soon!):

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