YouTube Music Videos + Sheet Music = Every 2 Weeks!

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been publishing a few more YouTube videos lately. And sheet music, for that matter. Why? Because it’s what YOU asked for. 😉

One of the most common questions we get at events is “Do you have sheet music for [insert your favorite piece here]?” And when we’re not performing our own arrangements, people ask where we got the sheet music we’re using. Sheets for the anime and video game music we play is by far one of our biggest requests; now, you can download PDFs of some of our favorite pieces on our (ever growing) Sheet Music page.

We also know not everyone who would like to can make one of our (select few) live performances. While not a substitute for a live show, this way we can bring a little of the Hideo experience—and our love of anime and video game music—to you wherever and whenever you are.

The goal: publish a new YouTube video with sheet music (if applicable; we may post a non-music video every now and again) Friday @ 5pm every two weeks. If we can stick to that schedule, we’ll see about bumping it up to once a week. AND we will take requests! Preferred contact method: tweet at us via @hideoconcert. But you can also:

So! Got a favorite game or anime? Something that hasn’t gotten its due “cover”age on YouTube yet? Let us know! In the meantime, enjoy our latest vid at the top of the page.

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