Me and Chris at PAX 2011

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. We’ve been busy planning all sorts of Hideo-related goodness for next year (and I was working an all-consuming non-Hideo theater job, so was a bit distracted)!

But it is that time of year again when all walks of game-loving peeps descend on Seattle, WA for 3 days of awesome: PAX! Chris and I will be in attendance for our third year in a row as Enforcers.

So what, you ask? FREE CDs, that’s what! When we’re not on duty, we’ll be enjoying the con—and giving away both our live and studio EPs. Just find us (we’ll post location updates via Twitter) in our Hideo tees and profess your love of anime and/or video game music to snag the album of your choice (while supplies last).

Me and Chris at PAX 2011. We've worked the Expo Hall the last two years, but this time we'll be in Tabletop.

Me and Chris at PAX 2011. We’ve worked the Expo Hall the last two years, but this time we’ll be in Tabletop.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our friend, Hideo stand-in, and indie game developer extraordinaire Ian Stocker; he’ll be wandering the con halls with laptop in hand to demo his game, Escape Goat:

Cya at PAX!

P.S. We’re experimenting with a new landing page layout; check it out and let us know what you think:

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