Post FanimeCon 2012 – Thanks & What’s to Come

A HUGE thank you to everyone who saw one of our performances at the Montgomery Theater or stopped by our booth in the Dealer’s Hall during FanimeCon 2012 this past weekend! Since the premiere in 2010, we’ve worked hard to make Hideo as awesome as it can be, and the version of the full-scale show we presented May 26th and 27th marks the epitome of this particular production. Each show was awesome and I speak for the entire cast and crew when I say we had a blast!

OK, maybe we had a little too much fun…

So what’s next?

Well, we have a Kickstarter project in the works for our next studio album and—if successful—the team will be heading back to Berke Sound in San Francisco to record a full-length CD where YOU, the contributors, have chosen the track list. Sounds pretty cool, right? More details coming soon!

And we (*cough* Stephen and Mike *cough*) still have our work cut out for us to produce a DVD of the 11/5/11 show. We got a good start on the audio by producing a live EP (now available on Bandcamp, in the queue for iTunes and Amazon), but there’s still almost 200 GB of video to comb through.

Plans for 2013 are in the works and I’ll fill you guys in as soon as I have firm details. If you missed this year’s shows, you can watch THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE via the YouTube playlist at the top of the page thanks to fellow con attendee Oscar Cwajbaum (thank you, Oscar!) who taped the 2pm show on Sunday, May 27th. Enjoy, and more video (and photos!) to come, including that of a surprise visit by Mario and Princess Peach during our Mario medley! 😉

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