The Prodigal Enforcer

In my previous post, I introduced Colonel Tiernan, the main villain of our upcoming graphic novel and asked people to vote on which new character I should talk about next. So today, allow me to introduce one of the heroes of Blackwell: Paige.

All enforcers wear an "EC", some less elaborate than others.

Paige is an enforcer.  For those who haven’t seen Hideo, enforcers are peacekeepers charged with restoring order in the Hideo universe. The Enforcer Corps (EC) was established during the Outlands War, which lasted for years and forced many to turn to crime to survive (more on this on the About page).

Early in her career, Paige built a reputation for following orders and for getting the job done no matter the cost.  People called her a natural.  After being decorated for valor, Paige was offered the post of her choosing.  She chose the northern city of Blackwell.

Almost everyone Paige knew questioned the decision.  Blackwell’s militia had been decimated and an enforcer named Yori had already been dispatched to help.  No one except Paige seemed to care how hopeless it would be for one enforcer to defend Blackwell against repeated attacks.  Her superiors were frustrated by the decision; they didn’t want the person they were grooming to be their poster girl getting herself killed just to defend some lost cause.  Everyone knew Blackwell was already beyond saving.

When Paige arrived, she and Yori established a headquarters in a disused Old Gods church.  Additionally, Yori reunited three former OMNI team soldiers: Satoshi, Rico, and Natalie.  The five of them made a formidable team.

Paige wasn’t in Blackwell long before her superiors ordered her to leave, but she was unwilling to abandon the city or Yori’s defense team, so she refused… and was promptly discharged from the EC. But Paige was unfazed.  She continued collaring outlaws and Blackwell stayed standing.  After a while, the EC begrudgingly reinstated her, if only so they could take some of the credit for her accomplishments.

Next time: a humbled war hero.

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