An Evening at The Shiny Mug: Our First LIVE EP!

I announced it back in February, and now it’s on its way: “An Evening at The Shiny Mug”, our very first LIVE EP!

Album and Disc Art for Team Hideo's First LIVE EP!

All proofs have been approved and the discs are in production and scheduled to arrive by Thur, May 24 – just in time for Fanime! On it you’ll find live recordings taken during our November 2011 show of “Theme of R.O.D.” from Read or Die OVA, “You Were There” from Ico, “Kuro” from Darker Than Black, and “Gravity” from Wolf’s Rain. You can pick up your copy from our table in the Fanime Dealer’s Hall for only $6 – or in the venue lobby directly following any of our performances at the Montgomery Theater, of course. (aside: Speaking of which, have you bought your tickets yet? No?? What are you waiting for!? Click over to the Tickets Page right now!)

Thanks to Stephen for mixing all of the tracks and a BIG thanks AGAIN (they put together everything for our first CD as well) to Kathy and Gary for the album art and design. Fantastic job, everyone! ^_^