Hideo Graphic-Novel Style (Preview Included!)

We are now just a little more than a month away from FanimeCon 2012, and than means just FOUR WEEKS until showtime at the Montgomery Theater! *poke poke* Did you get your tickets yet? No?? Well, head over to the Tickets page right now, I say! Rehearsals are well underway and sounding good, but we’ve got two other BIG projects in the works for the convention. Today, I’ll give you the skinny on one of them: the release of the first (of three) in the Hideo graphic novel series, Blackwell!

Schyler introduced the project back in July 2011; it will almost be a year in the works come Fanime 2012 in May (OMG really? We’ve been working on this for a YEAR??). A TON of work has gone into this project – Schyler walked us through the process for just one panel last September – and I can’t wait to release this puppy into the wild. Artists Jessica Fong and Christine Liao have done an AMAZING job; they’re putting the final touches on everything this week and then it’s off to the printer. We’ll have 1000 full-color copies available for sale during FanimeCon at our booth in the Dealer’s Hall or after one of our four shows across the street. Not only will it be awesome, but picking up a copy of Blackwell supports local artists; all profits from graphic novel sales go to the production of parts 2 (The Ally) and 3 (The Beloved) and Jessica and Christine get a portion of the profits for every copy sold!

If you saw our show last November down in San Luis Obispo, then you’ve already gotten a sneak peek at the graphic novel (we printed the first four pages in the show’s program guide). But for those who haven’t, here’s a look at the opening pages of Blackwell, Part 1 – The Stranger (click to enlarge). Enjoy!

Preview: Blackwell, Part 1 - The Stranger

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