Program Goes to Print with only 19 Days till Show Time!

At roughly 2.5 weeks out, it’s time to send the program to print. You know, the little booklet thing with cast and crew bios, thank yous, etc. that the ushers hand you when you go to take your seat. Our “little booklet” this year is 24 pages and is filled with photos, art, and all sorts of interesting info. Here’s a look at some of the final pages and what went into making them:

We (and by “we” I mean Gary) took all-new photos for the core team statement pages. As usual, Gary used his awesome skills and made us all look super cool. ^_^ The theme this year was more up close and personal than last year. Here’s me and Chris with last year’s photos on the left, this year’s photos on the right:

Me ready to kill someone

Chris keeping it stress-free

And here’s the rest of the core team:

Team Hideo (from left to right): Schyler, Mike, Stephen, Gary, and Yasean

In the program, these photos are accompanied by a short statement from each of us to get something like this:

Chris and Skye's final statement pages


It was a huge undertaking this year–with people all over California and a few even out of state!–to get everyone’s head shot for the bios section of the program. But it was worth it; everyone deserves to be recognized for all of the work they put into making Hideo as awesome as can be! I especially like how Tyler Knuckles, our graphic designer, has used several clips from Dan’s projection illustrations to spice up these pages:

Two of four pages of cast and crew bios--40 people in all!


And for my last reveal–and probably the addition I’m most excited about–we’re including the first four pages of the Hideo graphic novel! In case you missed the announcement, Schyler gave us the skinny in this previous post. Christine and Jessica have done a fabulous job putting this together and I don’t want to spoil anything, so here’s just the first page as it will appear in the program:

Show attendees will get the first look at the Hideo graphic novel!


With that, I must get back to work finalizing the program (still need to proof a few pages) and harassing
various media outlets to promote and cover the show. I will leave you with a few reminders:

** If you are traveling to see the show and need a place to stay, Hideo attendees get a discount at SLO’s Days Inn but you must book your room by this Thur, 10/20. See this announcement or the Tickets page for all of the details.

** We still have backstage tour packages available! See the announcement here or check out the Tickets page.

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