Canta Per Remixed

Ever since we hit the studio to cut our debut EP, I’ve had an idea that’s stewed quite some time in my head. After waiting around to get the original session tracks from the studio, the idea turned into a secret project that certain Hideo members weren’t even aware of until a few weeks ago. Today, I’d like to share this little secret with you all.

If you’ve been following along, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve recorded and produced material under the name Pushing Reality. Pushing Reality was born out of a remix competition a long time ago, and I’ve had a fondness ever since for reinterpreting material in addition to creating my own original tracks. After the studio sessions, I caught Gary trying to learn the cello part of Canta Per Me on the piano at a rehearsal. Yasean was helping out but was using his electric guitar, rather than his acoustic, to play the rhythm guitar part. Enter me joining in by dialing in a backing beat on my iPad and the inspiration for this idea was born. Throw in a retro Nintendo throwback sound and… well, just listen for yourself!

This also marks the debut of Team Hideo’s new SoundCloud account! You can follow us there, listen to the Songs from the Shiny Mug EP as well as this very remix, and share it with anyone and everyone you know (because you know it’s all awesome).

I really enjoyed putting this together and I don’t see myself resting on my laurels now this is done. I’ve had more ideas since the inception of this one, and, fingers crossed, we’ll have more material to share on our new SoundCloud account relatively soon.

In addition to this, I’ve been working on some other things for Hideo that may be appearing very soon… but until then, I’ll be playing the PS3 Battlefield 3 Beta. Extensively. They’re going to have to tear the controller out of my hands to get me to rehearse.

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