Get ready for a new Hideo adventure…

Hello, world.  Haven’t seen you in a while.  I’ve been locked away, working hard on an exciting new Hideo project.  What project, you ask?  Well, it’s not small potatoes, that’s for sure.   We’re taking what we’ve created for our stage productions and setting them free in a different medium, so get ready to see Hideo and his world like you never have before.

I’m excited (like, very excited) to announce Blackwell, the first Hideo graphic novel!  Blackwell will be released in three volumes, one for each of our main characters: Hideo, the young enforcer; Satoshi, the mercenary; and finally Reina, the healer.  Each has a part to play in the coming events.

If you’ve seen our performances, then you’ve heard the name Blackwell before; once a great city, it now teeters on the verge of collapse thanks to outlaw attacks and unchecked city politics.  Hideo stops at the city for respite from his search for the Kaiden and is taken prisoner by a group of outlaws.  This is merely where our story begins.  Something dark is about to happen in Blackwell.  Yet as the city falls apart, our heroes will come together for the first time.

In addition to those formerly mentioned, Blackwell will feature a slew of exciting new characters.  There’s the former enforcer, Paige, who serves as one of Satoshi’s top fighters.  There’s also the powerful outlaw leader Sister Penelope.  And… well, those two are really the only ones I’m allowed to talk about.

A graphic novel, like a stage production, is a collaborative effort.  Fortunately, we’re very lucky to have Jessica Fong and Christine Liao teaming up on the artwork.  Have you seen their work?  If not, check out our previous artist announcement.  Have a look at their deviantART accounts as well, Jessica’s is here and Christine’s is here.  Between the two of them, I think it’s clear that Blackwell is in good hands.

I’ll be giving more Blackwell updates (including release date info) as we go, so stay tuned!