…And Now for Something Completely Different

My last two posts revolved around Hideo music/audio, so I’m going to change it up a bit on this post and deviate from performance write-ups. When I’m not working on any music material, one of the things I enjoy doing is listening to podcasts. The majority of what I typically listen to are comedy podcasts. And what does this have to do with Hideo, you ask?

Well, via The Nerdist (a highly recommended podcast if you’re into tech culture and comedy), I discovered an awesome show called The Legacy Music Hour: two comedians, Brett Weinbach and Rob F., share and discuss (in extensive detail) classic 8-bit and 16-bit video game tracks over the course of roughly an hour. Each podcast has a particular focus to it, such as classic racing games, the Squaresoft discography, or a particular composer’s body of work; they tend to focus more on the obscure and less on popular games like Mario and Zelda. The guys are really passionate about classic gaming and even more so about the music from that era, so the podcasts are loaded with interesting music, facts, and gaming stories.

I’ve listened to the first four episodes and it’s fantastic. I really enjoyed listening to the “Experimental Music” episode, as it showcased some amazing and unique music from games like Act Raiser and Metroid, as well as games I’ve never heard of before. The “Racing Games” episode struck a nostalgic chord as they showcased music from RC Pro-AM, a game that got massive amounts of play time on my Game Boy. Fellow Hideo-ite Chris Pasillas also gave the podcast his seal of approval after I shared it with him. We may even draw from some of the music featured on the podcasts for possible inclusion into future Hideo performances! Bottom line: The Legacy Music Hour is well worth your time if you enjoy classic gaming and want to expand your musical horizons, as well as tap into the sweet nostalgia of games you played growing up.

Website: The Legacy Music Hour

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