The Santa Clause

Getting set up is never easy...

Getting set up is never easy...

Hello there, cool cats. I hope Santa Claus/Hanukkah Harry/Kwanzaa Kevin brought you some nice holiday delights!

But first of all, where are my manners? My name is Mike McKellar, and I am the assistant producer and videographer for Hideo. Santa brought me an interesting present this year. On Christams Eve, I left him some cookies as I always do, only to find them un-eaten the next morning… along with a note, and my present. As I read the note, it suddenly became clear that Santa was not a big fan of the fact that I left him chocolate chip-haggis cookies. Thankfully good ol’ Father Christmas, as the Brits like to call him, left me a new hard drive with 50 gigs… of Hideo show footage! He said, “‘Tis the season to be editing, young Scotsman. P.S. – Make it oatmeal raisin next year and Rudolph won’t leave presents on your roof. Ho ho ho!” Whew! It was one of the more memorable holidays I had experienced.

I am now completely immersed in something I enjoy very much – not merely just video editing, but video editing for the ever-so-epic Hideo performance at Zellerbach Hall. You might be curious why I would be editing our concert footage. Some people ask me “Mike! Tell me at once – is there going to be a Hideo DVD!?” My response: you never know what the future holds! If it can be done, if the Gods of video game music can come together and bless us with legal permissions, this very DVD could end up in the mitts of our extraordinarily supportive fans. For now, the Zellerbach Hall concert footage is but a collection of breathtaking jewels stored away in a vault – a vault that we are working extremely hard to crack the security on, and offer to all of you. =)

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